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Gilgamesh and Enkidu

Updated: Dec 31, 2023


"At last they called the goddess Aruru

Fertile womb goddess who made the first humans

She made life spurt from the mud of the river

She made life spring from the clay of the uplands.

The great Aruru knew the right answer

To fashion a man equal to Gilgamesh

An untamed man to tame the tyrant

An untaught man to teach him secrets."

Jenny Lewis


They made him for me,

Brother, that my mother never bore,

Grew him from their spit,

And clay, and from the river shore,

To teach me to be calm.

To teach me how to temper

The wildness of my storm,

And shame me into being twice a man.

They gave him to me,

He walked my halls,

Journeyed with me ’cross the land,

Answered every call

to arms. He was at my side.

Together through the fights,

He helped me build a wall,

With stolen cedar from the gods’ woods.

They took him from me,

Though both should bare the blame.

I walked with him,

His crimes the same

As mine, we wore them well.

My hands lay the Cedar Giant low.

And yet, they only came

For him.

They made him for me,

And gave him to me,

And took him from me,

And gave me something more.

I’d never known,

That I could grieve,


Insp. The Epic of Gilgamesh


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